NRL Grand Final Preview

September 28th, 2010

The NRL Grand Finals are just a few days away and it’s time to have a serious look at how this ultimate game of footy could play out.

The St George Dragons will meet up with the Sydney Roosters in what promises to be a thrilling battle for the NRL Premiership. The Roosters are the Cinderella story of this season. They’ve done a complete 180 after a disappointing season last year to become potential NRL Grand Final champions. The last team to achieve such a feat was the Western Suburbs in 1934. The Sydney team couldn’t have more confidence going into this NRL Grand Final, which could give them the edge they need to overthrow the St George Dragons.

On the other side of the field, the St George Dragons had the best season of the league as they scooped up the Minor Premiership award. They sailed through the opening round of the Finals, but looked like they had their hands full with the Wests Tigers last week. With a much tougher test on the horizon, the Dragons will need to get back to their dominating ways in order to pull out a win.

This NRL Grand Final will see two very different playing styles put to the test. The Dragons favour a heavy offensive style of play that features a forward dominated yardage game along with a strong defence. The Roosters favour a more random approach to the game and have been dominating their opponents with a strong attack strategy. As the Dragons are sporting a more complete style of play, they should be able to grind out the win in this upcoming battle. has the St George team listed as the favourites. Log in and check out all of their NRL Grand Final odds, including the following:

Teams Head-to-Head Line Points 1-12 13+
St George 1.57 1.91 (-4.0) 2.10 (-6.0) 3.00 3.10
Sydney 2.40 1.91 (+4.0) 2.10 (+2.0) 3.65 6.00
Draw 26.00

Be sure to sign up and put down your wagers before the game kicks off at Stadium Australia on Sunday, October 3.