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The 2010 NRL Grand Final results are in! Fans are likely still reeling after the intense night of competition between the St George Dragons and the Sydney Roosters in which the Dragons left no doubt about whether they were this year’s best NRL squad. They demolished the Roosters 32-8. The…


There is no better time of year for a Rugby League fan than the NRL Finals.  It is the culmination of 26 rounds of play that allows just eight teams to advance to the postseason for a chance to take the premiership title.  The NRL Finals are composed of four weeks (or rounds) of intense competition between the Top 8 teams of the season.

This NRL postseason uses the McIntyre Final Eight System to pit the top teams against one another and narrow the field down to two worthy contenders.  This system is especially advantageous to NRL punters as it creates some very interesting matchups that equal even more interesting odds.  When the dust settles and just two teams remain, they will go on to face one another in the ultimate game of Rugby League footy: the NRL Grand Final.

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NRL Grand Final

The NRL Grand Final takes place in the fourth, and final, week of the NRL postseason.  It is played between the two remaining teams after the first three rounds of the NRL Finals.  The NRL Grand Final is the most popular match of the season as it decides the year’s premiership winner.  The winning team is awarded the NRL Trophy.

As the NRL Grand Final is the game that ends the season and decides the champion, it is one of Australia’s major sporting events.  It draws a huge crowd of supporters as fans from across the nation make the journey to Stadium Australia to watch the game in person.  Even more fans tune in on television to see the outcome.  Because the NRL Grand Final is so massive, with even the Prime Minister on hand to award the winning team their trophy, it has developed into one of the biggest sports betting events for online bookmakers. Plenty of people from around the world log in to back their favourite team.

NRL Grand Final Betting

The NRL Grand Final sees some of the biggest wagers in sports betting being placed on each Grand Finals team. It is such a big deal that top online sportsbooks such as and offer odds on the NRL Grand Final well in advance of the game. Known as futures or ante-post betting, this can be a terrific time for seasoned punters who know their NRL to lock in some extremely generous odds.

Because this is such an important sports betting event, there are a number of betting options offered by online bookmakers that specifically target the NRL Grand Final. There is a plethora of bet types available for the NRL Grand Final including generous head-to-head odds as well as many exotic bets that allow you to wager on all different aspects of the game. At this time of the season, the betting prize pools are much larger than during the standard season, so try your luck at some of these exotic wagers for a really high paying dividend!

Exotic bet types include: Half Time / Full Time, Man of the Match, First Scoring Play, First and Last Try Scorer, First Team to Score, Number of Tries, Exact Score, and Exact Winning Margin.

In addition to plenty of markets and odds available on the NRL Grand Final, online sportsbooks give members access to a wealth of betting information.  With a heap of tools available at the click of a button, punters can fully research each team and their past performances before placing their bets.  In addition, punters can utilise odds calculators, reviews, previews, and the latest news updates that will increase the chances of placing a successful wager!

With so many advantages to online betting, it only makes sense to create an account.  All you need is an Internet connection and a computer. Then, it is as simple as providing a few details.  And since online sporting books offer the best in security and encryption services, you can be sure that your details and money will be kept safe and private.  Once your account is created, all that is left is the wagering.  Research your team, place your bets, and wait for the payouts to come rolling in!  That’s all it takes.

NRL Grand Final History

The NRL Grand Finals have a long history with a few teams experiencing the glory that comes along with winning the NRL Premiership title.  The Brisbane Broncos have made it to the NRL Finals for the past 19 consecutive seasons and have great NRL Odds, and have won the title twice.  The Sydney Roosters and Melbourne Storm have also made numerous appearances in the past ten years.  However, the former caused some controversy in recent years for violating the salary capping rules.  As a result, the Storm were stripped of their two most recent titles.

Here’s a list of some of the most recent NRL Grand Final winners:

Year Teams/Results
2009 Melbourne Storm 23 v Parramatta Eels 16
2008 Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles 40 v Melbourne Storm 0
2007 Melbourne Storm 34 v Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles 8
2006 Brisbane Broncos 15 v Melbourne Storm 8
2005 Wests Tigers 30 v North Queensland Cowboys 16
2004 Canterbury Bulldogs 16 v Sydney Roosters 13
2003 Penrith Panthers 18 v Sydney Roosters 6
2002 Sydney Roosters 30 v New Zealand Warriors 8
2001 Newcastle Knights 30 v Parramatta Eels 24
2000 Brisbane Broncos 14 v Sydney Roosters 6
1999 Melbourne Storm 20 v St George-Illawarra Dragons 18

NRL Grand Final 2010

The 2010 NRL season has wrapped up and the NRL Grand Final is rapidly approaching.  Teams will soon take to the field in the first round of the NRL Finals.  Get all of the latest updates in our NRL Finals News section and then get to Sportsbet to put down your wagers!